The notorious b I g

Style. Structure. Sensibility.

B I G S' Story

Owners of Southern Ranches, Shane and Jessica Boston, first saw The Notorious B I G when he was a 2-year-old in training at Tyson Benson Performance Horses. At the time, the colt was owned by Dixon Flowers (DF) Rope Horses of Nowata, Oklahoma, who also owns his dam, DT Sugar Chex Whiz. Affectionately known as “Sugar,” the black mare had great success in the show pen under professional horseman JD Yates and went on to earn the PRCA Heel Horse of the Year award with DF’s head trainer, Billie Jack Saebens, in 2017.
Shane and Duke Dixon have been longtime friends that met through the roping industry. Shane called Duke and inquired about the colt. The Bostons weren’t looking at him as stud prospect. Shane simply liked the looks and breeding of him and thought he’d be a cool rope horse. The Bostons made the purchase and had Tyson continue the horse’s training. The more the Bostons saw of the colt, the more impressed they were by him. They brought him home some and rode him around the ranch. He was incredibly kind and just always a joy to be around. They still didn’t have intentions of keeping him as a stud, but he was so good-minded, they also weren’t in any hurry to geld him. Every time they took him somewhere or someone new saw him, they would stop dead in their tracks and say, “What is that horse?”

After witnessing this response time and again, Jessica started entertaining the thought of keeping the colt a stud. The Bostons were new to the breeding business at the time and just had a handful of mares that they bred to outside studs. While they didn’t have any experience in standing a stallion, they knew very well what kind of commitment it would entail to do it properly. They continued the horse’s training, and in his 3-year-old year, Jessica approached Dr. High at Reata Equine Hospital about the possibility of collecting Bigs. Dr. High had worked with the horse several times and was one of his biggest fans. He didn’t hesitate at all. Jessica rounded up a few mares, some of their own and some owned by friends that looked to be a good cross. While Bigs was staying at the breeding center for collection, a few other people saw him and asked to breed to him. Nineteen mares were bred to him his 3-year-old year. He immediately went to Billie Jack for rope horse training after.

As his training progressed, it was obvious that keeping him a stud was the right decision. He never once acted “study,” even coming straight from the breeding barn, his demeanor never waivered and he was getting prettier by the day. His hauling partner that first year was a mare, and he never made a peep.

Jessica began marketing the stud, and he gained an immense following right off. His first TikTok video, done by EC Equine Marketing, went viral as his other social media platforms exploded. Everyone loved this horse.

After careful deliberation, the Bostons decided to stand the stud to the public his 4-year-old year. He booked full immediately, which posed the challenge of fulfilling his contracts while also giving him the opportunity to compete and prove his talents in the roping arena. He split his obligations, staying at the breeding barn through May and was then hauled and shown by Billie Jack the rest of the year.

The first show he attended, he placed first under all judges. He immediately quality for the AQHA World Finals. The ARHFA World Championship was Bigs first major aged event. He made his presence known, winning the first round amongst the very best horses in the business, many of which had one or two more years of showing under their belt. Bigs claimed the ARHFA Heeling 4-year-old Reserve title and added $23,000 to his show record. So many people attended the event to see Bigs that they were lined up at his stall. Billie Jack actually had to put a lock on the horse’s stall that weekend because every time he turned around, someone would be there opening the stall to see him. Luckily, Bigs is a perfect gentleman and loves the attention.

The following year, Bigs booked full again and repeated the same regimen, not competing until May of that year. Still, after only attending a handful of shows that year, he managed to add another $46,000 to his lifetime open earnings. Every time Bigs has competed and not been taken out of the competition by fault of a rider, meaning a miss, a broken barrier, etc, he has made the short round. He has so much presence when he walks in that arena that everyone stops to watch him. As Billie Jack stated about Bigs in a previous interview, “He’s always on your team. That horse is a winner.”

In addition to his continued success in the show pen, Bigs is now showing great promise as a sire. His first limited foal crop are now 2-year-olds. Tyson Benson currently has 7 in training, four owned by Southern Ranches and three from other customers. All of his babies have incredible bone and structure and are showing to possess Bigs’ exceptional disposition. Even the ones that are out of “hotter” running-bred mares are showing to be laid back and very trainable. This was the precise goal when the Bostons first bred Bigs. His pedigree is so versatile, that they felt confident he would accommodate an array of crosses to produce a wide spectrum of prospects.

Standing The Notorious B I G as a stallion was never the original plan. But, as time progressed and he continued to portray such exceptional traits, the Bostonsknew he was a special horse and they followed their gut instincts. Bigs has proven himself already on so many levels even at a young age. The Bostons truly believe him to be a once in a lifetime horse, and feel confident that his offspring will succeed in many disciplines.

B I g’s Lifetime Earnings

…he’s kind of a BIG deal


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Why Choose The Notorious B I G?
  • Proven Champion Pedigree: Bigs hails from a lineage of champions, offering a solid foundation for your foals to inherit exceptional traits that have dominated in the show pen and beyond.
  • Exceptional Temperament & Trainability: Known for his remarkable demeanor, Bigs passes on his disposition, making his offspring highly trainable and a pleasure to work with across various disciplines.
  • Outstanding Physical Attributes: Bigs’ offspring are quickly becoming known for their incredible bone, structure, and athleticism, setting them apart in any arena.
  • Versatility Across Disciplines: Bigs’ pedigree is a testament to his ability to sire foals that excel in multiple disciplines.